American Institute for English Proficiency (AIEPRO) is not only a great place to lear­n English. It is also a great place to meet many interesting people and get new­ friends.  I am from Tajikistan, and when I started at The American Institute, I kn­ew little English and was totally new to Manila.  Just in a month time, I could st­art speaking and understood English much better.  ­ My tutors helped me overcome my initial shy­ness, and they also taught me a lot about lif­e in the Philippines.  And most importantly, my classmates became my real friends for life.­  It was a really great experience and fun ­at AEIPRO.

  • Hi Bonu. It’s great to hear from you. I heard you are now in Indonesia. I remember when you were still a shy student here. In less than a month, you were finally about to express yourself in front of other students. I still remember that one time when you, Soheila, and I went to eat at Greenbelt One. She is probably one of the lifelong friends you mentioned in your story above. Take care always.