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From time to time, we encounter heroes that inspire us. But as time goes by, heroes and inspiration come and go, too. Then, in a moment of maturity, you realize there are influences that remain.

One of the great motivational speakers, Zig Ziglar, has an anecdote concerning inspirations. Someone told him, “Inspirations do not last,” and with it he meant that inspirations are not really effective and life-changing. But Mr Ziglar promptly replied, “And so does bathing! That’s why we recommend it daily.”

With that thought, I realized I have been given a gift of being ‘inspired’ on a regular basis, as much as 2 to 3 times a week. And that is through my local church pastor, Dr David E. Sumrall of the Cathedral of Praise, the Undershepherd (sic) of an 8,000-plus-seat auditorium church.

All through the grace and mercy of God, Pastor Sumrall showed me that building a Billion-Peso-worth complex is possible with just Philippine money and the Asian economy. In this new wave of recession and financial downturn among First World countries - where church properties are being foreclosed, my local church is finished and all paid for. We are debt-free – and we completed it with no foreign funding.

The inspiration, from and through this man of God, comes in different levels. It’s like the beauty of a multi-faceted diamond. He inspired me that righteousness and holiness pay off.  Good guys do not come in last. I have seen, time and again, how the manifold wisdom of God was executed in all grace and practicality.

The real inspiration is this: If God did it for him, He can also do it for me.

And thus, every weekend or so, I am reminded of what’s possible with the help of our gracious Father. I sit down in church and witness the reality of fulfilled dreams and visions. His testimony is a driving force and a relentless echo of what can be done.

This is one inspiration that will never go away. It is now forever etched in my heart. It can be done – not by the world’s standards or philosophy, but by the grace of God.

(In partial fulfillment of PSG Assignments)

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