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Chris Delacruz - AIEPRO's Blog – January 2011 Archive (5)

Advancing to the Next Round

A few days before 2011, I resolved to completely remove rice out of my diet.  I also wanted to reduce my carbohydrate consumption.  Why?  I wanted to lose some weight, especially around my stomach - my belly.  Today, a woman who attended our seminar in Nueva Vizcaya commented how I was fat back then and how I…


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What do you do with your trash after eating?

What do you do with your trash after eating?  Do you bring it to the trash can?  Or do you just leave it there?


In the US, we don't leave our trash at the table.  We clean up after ourselves.  We bring it to the trash can.  


Here in the Philippines, I've observed that almost everyone…


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Meet Chris - Young, Articulate, and Bold

Meet Chris

by Susan V. Ople

Ople Center, former Senatorial Candidate, and Daughter of the Late Senator Blas Ople

Manila Star Bulletin, Philippine Panorama

January 16, 2011

From time to time, Our Times features interesting men and women… Continue

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My Personal Legend

What are your dreams?  Are they clear?  Or are they hazy?  At night, we dream, of love, success, and family.  Some of our dreams are wild and adventurous, and some of them we call nightmares.  In the daytime, we have what we call "daydream."  We look out the window and wonder what is life going to be like?  Yes, we…


Added by Chris Delacruz - AIEPRO on January 17, 2011 at 10:30pm — 6 Comments

The Rice War

When I was a kid, up to my freshman year in college, I was very skinny.  In fact, I was called many names like siit (fish bones in Ilocano), skinny bone jones, and kuttong balatong (skinny mongo in Ilocano).  I don't know how that word "balatong" got in there; I guess it just rhymed with the other word.  I wasn't anorexic skinny -- just skinny.




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