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The Argument Women Can't Win

When it comes to fighting and disagreeing with men, women frequently make a critical mistake which ends up causing them to feel hurt and lonely. When I see a female client for relationship advice, I frequently encounter this scenario. During a routine conversation, there is a disagreement between the woman and her husband/boyfriend.

It starts out in a logical manner – with two competently speaking adults simply talking about a problem or disagreement. Then at some point in the…


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Is Your Sex Drive Hurting Your Love Life? A look at how a demanding libido could greatly affect your relationship.

Couple Sex Drive

You're walking down the street and you see a gorgeous man smile at you. His once-over gives you a little thrill and you imagine what a first date might be like with him. But wait! You're in a committed relationship with a man that you adore. There will be no first date for you. 

What does your wandering eye mean? Are you…


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MOney would inspires me....


 Money is any object or record that is generally accepted as payments for goods and services and repayments of depths in a given country. I'll always gives importance of the money in our daily lives because we used it for our everyday living. When I was started to work and gained money I felt happy even sometimes there is a lot of stress when it comes to work but I know after that stress money comes in so that it could be relieved my stress just because I can buy everything…


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Sex: It's Different For Men

I sell an e-book. In fact, I sell four of them. They're for women to help educate themselves on what does and doesn't work in regards to relationships with men.

Now I didn't have any idea of what these women who would be calling would want to talk to me about. I assumed each session would be different. To my surprise, and my assistants, I can tell you what nearly 90% of these sessions consisted of. It went like this....

"We had three dates (pick a number) and it seemed to be…


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what inspires me...

I started to love reading books when I was in my first year in college. Since then I've always wanted to write like those authors of the books I've read.. I get inspired by their greatness and I found them very witty and very entertaining. Chick lit is my favorite genre by the way.. Cecelia Ahern, Marian Keyes, Jane Green to name a few..…


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What Do Men Really Want?

If you asked most women this question, the answers would be predictable.

Women believe that Men Want:

- A woman that always looks perfect

- The woman they can't get

- Someone who will never complain

Yes, it's true that if you asked men what they want, there are many who would agree with those answers above, But Here's A Secret so Few Women Know…

What Men Want and What They Say They Want Are Two Different Things

In fact, what men say they want in a woman and… Continue

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50 Universal Truths About Men

50 Universal Truths About Men    

  1. Why should I remind you that “I love you?” I already told you once.

  2. I’ll do anything for sex; even commit to you for life.

  3. I hate arguing with you. I’d much rather find a compromise.  

  4. I love long hair. Sorry, but I do.  

  5. When you speak softly, I can’t help but listen.…

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Golf Club Fitting Leads to Huge Gains

The role of technology in golf is different than its role in most other sports. In most other sports, the hottest, newest, most boundary-pushing tech is only available to competitors at the very highest level. And those supremely skilled athletes are the only ones who can really take advantage of that technology.

In golf, it’s the opposite. The top pros don’t necessarily play the most technologically advance equipment. After all, someone like Phil Mickelson could…


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3 Things Men Can't Resist in a Woman

A Woman Who Smiles (more powerful than you might realize)

A woman who smiles makes it easier for a man to approach her by conveying an attitude of confidence, warmth and playfulness. Since many women are fearful of giving men the wrong impression, they frequently guard their smiles. If the only knew that smiling is one of the things men can't resist.



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Nokia-Siemens Spy Tools Aid Police Torture in Bahrain

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Spy tools sold and maintained by German communications and engineering giants Siemens and Nokia Siemens Networks are being used by authorities in Bahrain to aid in their interrogation and torture of human rights activists, according to Bloomberg.

The equipment is used by authorities there, and in other repressive regimes, to track…


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Aug. 15, 1877: ‘Hello. Can You Hear Me Now?’

1877: Thomas Edison suggests using the word hello as a telephone greeting. The idea catches on.

Edison invented a lot of things, for sure, but one thing he didn’t invent was the telephone. The brass ring for that one goes to…


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Hi everyone! feel free to join the Avalanche team @ Sportsfest 2k11^^

Guys, i am inviting you to join my team this coming Sportsfest 2k11. If you join my team you'll have a free load retailing business activation, free PC maintenance and checkup, and expect any of my help as long as it involves my PC and Business skills. We can make a great and winning team together. Go go go! Team Avalanche see you at the Sporstfest 2k11! ^^

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Clever Dolphins Use Shells to Catch Fish

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Already famed as Earth’s first tool-using marine mammals, the bottlenose dolphins of Australia’s Shark Bay have proved handy yet again, by using conch shells to trap tasty fish, then shaking them into their mouths like sardines from a tin.

Unlike sponging, however, in which dolphins use sponges to find fishes hiding in mud, conching isn’t yet…


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Cosmic Bling: Astronomers Find Planet Made of Diamond

By Mark Brown, Wired UK

An international team of astronomers, led by Australia’s Swinburne University of Technology professor Matthew Bailes, has discovered a planet made of diamond crystals, in our own Milky Way galaxy.

The planet is relatively small at around 60,000 km in diameter (still, it’s five times the size of Earth). But…

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Five Signs You Should Make A Change

If you've ever wondered what executive coaches really do that adds great value, it's this: We create a relationship that enables our client to clearly see reality

Life isn't a part of business; business is a part of life. So, everything of consequence leads to confronting and resolving some kind of issue that leads to a choice about personal change. All of the choices aren't always huge, but they are…


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You Don’t Have to be a Genius to Master Internet Marketing

image of Albert Einstein Something tells us you’re just … well … smarter than most people looking to market online.

You’re not interested in lame “get rich quick” schemes. You’re not looking for a magical silver bullet that involves no work, no time, and no sense.

In other words, you don’t have to be Einstein to “get” this stuff. But you’d have to be an idiot to believe some of the stuff peddled by traditional Internet marketing “gurus.”



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while playing sports, why not practice English too?

It is like hitting two birds in one stone if you join this year's sportsfest. On this event we can participate in any sports and we will be using English while we speak with anyone. In sportsfest we can apply our English outside the school world by playing sports scenario this time. You can never loose if you join the sportsfest for  playing sports and practicing English are just few of the things you are going to win. So guys invite your friends and see you at Sportsfest 2k11. God Bless to all… Continue

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Understanding Stress Signs, Symptoms, Causes, and Effects

Stress: Signs and Symptoms, Causes and Effects

Modern life is full of hassles, deadlines, frustrations, and demands. For many people, stress is so commonplace that it has become a way of life. Stress isn’t always bad. In small doses, it can help you perform under pressure and motivate you to do your best. But when you’re constantly running in emergency mode, your mind and body pay the price.

If you frequently find yourself feeling frazzled and…


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Ladies’ Commandments

I have come across this while browsing the web. Though it's pretty strange, somehow it caught my attention




Ladies’ Commandments



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The 7 Secrets of Running a Wildly Popular Blog

Did you ever wonder why some blogs attract tons of readers and others don’t?

Of course you’ve wondered. We all have. Because if you’re reading this blog, you almost certainly have a blog of your own. You think it’s great, and you want lots of other people to think it’s great too.

So what’s the answer? Why do some blogs become more popular than others?

There are lots of reasons why people flock to certain blogs, but I think one of the most…


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