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The Scout and His Bag


I did not attend any National Scout Jamboree, my cousin did. When we met he gave me this bag, a backpack, he used during the event. The bag had the awesome logos of the National Scout Jamboree. Fine bag, deep blue and black, big and looked much appealing on your back. If you would carry it around, you would surely look like you have just gone from a major scout jamboree.


So when I packed my things to go to Nueva Ecija because I decided to have my college in the…


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Thanks for your presence at Luau 2011.. ^^

Thank you so much guys for supporting AIEP and UPEC recent event which is this year's Luau Party. It is our pleasure in letting you guys experience a bit of Hawaiian party held in Tarlac. Again it wouldn't be successful without you and we the officers really do appreciate it. Just stick around for more events to come and thanks in advance for your support in our incoming events and thanks for sharing to your friends about how we rock on all the happenings we have here in AIEP. Thank you all!… Continue

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Don’t Ever Go Near Behind the Cow

I had many misadventures when I was a kid but I was persistent learning, sometimes I had no sense of danger. For me it was all play even if I get hurt, it was fun afterwards. I always wanted to drive a cow in my grandma’s farm. The first time I saw a cousin very skillfully went up on a cow alone by stepping on a hock (the cow’s rear ankle) and jumping on the back, it was flawless and I wanted to do it too. He was light and small as I was but he had the skill. So I told my cousin, “Teach me.”…


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A Mysterious Experience: Real or Hallucination?


It still baffles me today. As a child I had lots of imaginations but this one was not experienced in my mind and for all my evaluations it seemed to be the real thing. Once our family rented a house, it was an old warehouse turned into a residential house, small but good enough for a whole family, my mom and dad, and my sister and brothers. I was 10 years old. One morning in that house I woke up seeing an old man sitting at the foot of the bed and I could only see his back. I did…


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The gatekeeper, our guide, the good shepherd

What representation of our Lord from the bible that you always remember? What are the things which remind you whenever you happen to read the representation of the Lord as a good shepherd? According to the bible the Lord has been referred as a king, God’s image is like of us humans for it has been written that humans are created according to God’s image and likeness, and as a fishermen for he is a fisher not of fish but of men. The representation of God as a good shepherd reminds me that as…


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The Diver


Now Moms and Dads when you have a kid who have lots of imagination, follow them around because what they see that make a good impression in them they will imitate and sometimes it becomes very dangerous. Because one day I happened to watch a sport, diving and I was really fascinated by it, the tumbling and all of it. When my auntie’s friend and buddy, let us call her Mary, who was my crush, asked my auntie to go to the beach I was glad and exactly knew what I would do and there was…


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Tarzan and his Y-shaped Slingshot

When I was a child, I felt like I was the king of the jungle. Once I watched the old movie Tarzan, clinging on trees and hanging on ropes and the idea had stuck into my mind. I went around with my slingshot with a Y-shaped handle and threw stones on empty cans, fruits on trees and so on. After my adventures I would climb a tree and shout what the king of the jungle should shout: Ooooowhooooowhoooooo whoooowhooooohhhh! It was loud and it was fun in my little imagination of who I…


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Driving the Carabao is the same as Driving the Bike


I spent my childhood in two places, one in the city and one in the countryside. In the city, I had my uncles and cousins on my father’s side and in the countryside I had those on my mother’s side. I learned many things from them and a few of these included riding a bike and a carabao. I usually lived with my grandparents in the city because the school was just near their house. And one morning, I discovered in the garage that we had a gift from one uncle. It was a bike! I was glad…


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Chasing Chicken


One of the things I loved when I was a small boy was when I heard my mother we will go to my grandma’s farm. Suddenly I would think of the games in the corn fields and also chasing native chicken because it would be served for lunch. My grandma’s chickens were free roaming around the hut and the farm. At a young age, I just loved the adventure, but I tell you, for a boy, it was not easy to catch native chicken.

Now then, I was the eldest among the four cousins, and I…


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To be Great....

Here is one of my favorite poem from one of my Favorite Site..I just wanted to share this with everyone.Hope you all like it.Enjoy!





 TO BE GREAT.......…


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Ice cream




i just had the milk chocolate with almonds yesterday and i loved it! need to try all other flavors!…


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What are the top 3 disgusting things you did as a child?

Kids do crazy and gross stuff. And I am no exception. But since I was a kid and didn't know any better (or did I?), I got away with it. Here are some of the grossest (in my world) things I did as a child.

One thing I remember doing was eating tissue. My aunt always had a box of Kleenex around and I guess I was fascinated by the tissue paper. It was soft and white. As a 2-year old, most things…


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”By the seventh day God completed His work which He had done, and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had done.” -- New American Standard Bible (1995)

The passage above directly reflects our own assessment of the simulation game SIM City because it perfectly assimilates a utopian society ruled by a supposed infallible being.

Since the game provides a unique perspective of (what could be) life on earth, it imbues its players a certain degree of power… Continue

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The paradoxical relationship that exists between ethics and faith plagues human beings. Today, while many see faith contradict with intellect, Abraham’s sacrifice could provide a profound meaning of life.


This has been one of the most difficult papers I have written in my entire academic career.


I literally postponed writing it because I have yet to understand my own search for purpose and meaning in life. I could have chosen to cite many articles that talk…


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How surreal can his young love be

For Juliet who endured a tragedy

A love they made in haste indeed

Yet their story speaks of a worthy deed

A love made in haste hath cast a curse

On lovers forced to sing a bitter verse


As we try to be as romantic as the story told

Of Romeo and Juliet who never seem to grow old

We fail to understand our own existence

If we dare to speak… Continue

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Many had wished that she become one with the world

Hoping that she change her ways according to some

Yet she could not be bent, she could not be swayed

Reaping only but scorn, and none would ever dare

Even a mate so wise-- she could never be preyed

Gentle as a breeze is her tempered grace, yet

Even at times she is a force to be reckoned with

Often unconsoled, and often unabashed is her poise

Leaving no trace of spite, only a thundering noise…


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Just a little girl who became a woman

Ever innocent, and once naïve-- now forlorn

Was it fate that brought her to the threshold?

Endless wonderment besieges her soul, it seems

Let it be known for this woman who was once a girl


Deep in thought and deep in sighs

Everlasting hope is her only answer


Give her credit for being as such

And you’ll be amazed by her candor

Let it be known for this woman who was once a…


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here is a man who has little to say

a few good friends to brighten up his day

no matter how happy, no matter how sad

he makes everyone feel good not bad


with a brilliant mind and a caring heart

friends are drawn in but not apart

an eye for detail and a talent for art

pursues his dream and plays it smart




FOR a love once found but now almost lost

Lady Lynne…


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Midnight falls on the valley of the flowers

In time the Lady emerges from her slumber

Dancing as she walks, from the north she hithers

Slowly gracing each and every flower


In a patch of grass she sits with silent candor

And with hope, with pain the lady remembers

The home she left from a past behind her

She proceeds and forgets those…


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An ethereal voice beckons the mighty steed

From the south he gallops in a gentle speed


Upon morning’s break he emerges from the shadows

Beneath a threshold he treads with trotting echoes


The mighty black stallion reveals his profile

To the one expecting, it takes a little while

He speaks none, but a…


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