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my reply to my God whisper/letter.. ^^

Dear Erick,


I have sent (and will continue to send) people into your life who will make you discover the gold within you.  They will see things in you that you yourself cannot see.  They will make you grow.




PS. These people are one of your greatest blessings, Erick.  Appreciate them.



Lord God,


Thank you so much for…


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How Did I Fall in Love With You?

I didn't plan to listen to this right now & clicked on the link accidently. but... i couldn't close it until the end... i just couldn't... too beautiful!!



Remember when, we never needed each other

The best of friends like

Sister and Brother

We understood, we'd never be,


Those days are gone, and I want you so much

The night is long and I need your touch

Don't know what to say

I never meant to…


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AIEP – UPEC outreach program in service for Aeta Community

Again my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to those who had participated, shared their love, given their time, exerted their effort, and offered and shared a piece of their heart to our brothers and sisters in the Aeta community. yet again our good Lord God will always provide for us everything that we can never imagine. To those who had showed their interest but failed to join in this event, it is never yet late guys. Just expect for more incoming outreach programs for we will never stop on… Continue

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Forget you.....


Added by Maricel Go on May 29, 2011 at 7:30pm — 1 Comment

thanks for showing up at D'Party

Now we know what D is all about specially those who showed up last night. Again my heartfelt thanks to all of you. You guys rock because you proved that where all not just good at partying but we all have a great heart at the same time. Thanks for showing your concern to our friends who are in need. At the same time thank you for entrusting to be the bridge of your help. Its guaranteed that all of it will be distributed well to our brothers who are worthy of it. The Lord above will bless you… Continue

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In love





I was lonely,sad and blue until the day that I meet you. You came into my life and changed it around turned my frown upside down. When we are near my knees feel weak. Then there are no words left to speak. Fear arises but joy remains this I know will never change. I'm falling for…


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my favourite buses.. ^^

I salute this buses for being professional, customers' favorite when it comes to their nice treatment of their staffs, wouldn't take much time in loading passengers in a place where there is none, quick driving with care, and follows traffic regulations accordingly. here are the following. tentenenten!!!


My ideal ordinary fare group:


Marikina Auto Line…


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My experience @ CWIG...

Jeesh! late submission of my homework. Corporate world today is very competitive,  if you're aiming for a high reward, and to be globally competitive, you need to equip everything that they demand. One of these skills is writing. American Institute provided me the necessary tools that I needed. Having the edge to other competition, new opportunity to other industry, and additional asset to your skillset. Additional bonus is the reputation of the school..


Added by Arnold Dela Cruz on May 23, 2011 at 6:00am — No Comments

Back to Basics with the help of CWIG Course

                If you don’t use it, you lose it. That is my case with English. Being surrounded by people who are fond of using gay lingo and taglish, I just accepted defeat and gave in to the fad. Bye-bye grammar rules and vocabulary. It is fun especially when kidding around with friends. However, when I was tasked to construct a business letter or asked to answer English tests for recertification purposes, I was alarmed. Working in a Korean company did not really help either. Yes, it is…


Added by Minaizah Migue on May 22, 2011 at 5:22pm — No Comments

My first day in AIEPRO ...

i was nervous when i come in . its was my first time to enrolled in this kind of institution and i dont know what to do. actually the institution helped me expand my knowledge when it comes to English language and writing. and I believe that students learn, when they have a positive attitude, and this positive attitude comes from being successful. ms. Ev is the one who help me to expand my knowledge. she was a good instructor and good teacher. aside of being our teacher in cwig course she…


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UPEC is looking for you.. ^^

Are you getting sick and bored these days? finding something that would make you busy? Then join us in the activities in UPEC. We provide activities that initiates learning, outreach programs, and having fun. So if you want to get involved with any of the these then you are in. We are in need of your help and support by sharing UPEC to your neighbors, friends, and colleagues via facebook or twitter. You can also help us and yourself at the same time by being one of our committees and learn what… Continue

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The Lone Ranger

It would be a long story now to explain how our family moved from place to place but I got used to it. My elementary was spent in five schools, can you believe that. Ok now, I was in grade 5 and was new to this school, private Christian school. I had some really nice friends and of course encountered some few bullies. Now this classmate was not so much a bully but one day he got a toy gun. It was the gun every boy wanted to have I guess, a .38 plastic revolver pistol with red ring-shaped…


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my latest.. ^^

Hi guys! hope your all doing great. Just wanted to update you on my following accounts:


accounts / account id                / account name

facebook  | | ejerick layson

twitter      | | ejerick

yahoo/ym | | ejclayson

gmail/im   | erick.layson                | erick.layson

multiply    | | ejerick

skype  …


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The Scout and His Bag


I did not attend any National Scout Jamboree, my cousin did. When we met he gave me this bag, a backpack, he used during the event. The bag had the awesome logos of the National Scout Jamboree. Fine bag, deep blue and black, big and looked much appealing on your back. If you would carry it around, you would surely look like you have just gone from a major scout jamboree.


So when I packed my things to go to Nueva Ecija because I decided to have my college in the…


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Thanks for your presence at Luau 2011.. ^^

Thank you so much guys for supporting AIEP and UPEC recent event which is this year's Luau Party. It is our pleasure in letting you guys experience a bit of Hawaiian party held in Tarlac. Again it wouldn't be successful without you and we the officers really do appreciate it. Just stick around for more events to come and thanks in advance for your support in our incoming events and thanks for sharing to your friends about how we rock on all the happenings we have here in AIEP. Thank you all!… Continue

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Don’t Ever Go Near Behind the Cow

I had many misadventures when I was a kid but I was persistent learning, sometimes I had no sense of danger. For me it was all play even if I get hurt, it was fun afterwards. I always wanted to drive a cow in my grandma’s farm. The first time I saw a cousin very skillfully went up on a cow alone by stepping on a hock (the cow’s rear ankle) and jumping on the back, it was flawless and I wanted to do it too. He was light and small as I was but he had the skill. So I told my cousin, “Teach me.”…


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A Mysterious Experience: Real or Hallucination?


It still baffles me today. As a child I had lots of imaginations but this one was not experienced in my mind and for all my evaluations it seemed to be the real thing. Once our family rented a house, it was an old warehouse turned into a residential house, small but good enough for a whole family, my mom and dad, and my sister and brothers. I was 10 years old. One morning in that house I woke up seeing an old man sitting at the foot of the bed and I could only see his back. I did…


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The gatekeeper, our guide, the good shepherd

What representation of our Lord from the bible that you always remember? What are the things which remind you whenever you happen to read the representation of the Lord as a good shepherd? According to the bible the Lord has been referred as a king, God’s image is like of us humans for it has been written that humans are created according to God’s image and likeness, and as a fishermen for he is a fisher not of fish but of men. The representation of God as a good shepherd reminds me that as…


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The Diver


Now Moms and Dads when you have a kid who have lots of imagination, follow them around because what they see that make a good impression in them they will imitate and sometimes it becomes very dangerous. Because one day I happened to watch a sport, diving and I was really fascinated by it, the tumbling and all of it. When my auntie’s friend and buddy, let us call her Mary, who was my crush, asked my auntie to go to the beach I was glad and exactly knew what I would do and there was…


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Tarzan and his Y-shaped Slingshot

When I was a child, I felt like I was the king of the jungle. Once I watched the old movie Tarzan, clinging on trees and hanging on ropes and the idea had stuck into my mind. I went around with my slingshot with a Y-shaped handle and threw stones on empty cans, fruits on trees and so on. After my adventures I would climb a tree and shout what the king of the jungle should shout: Ooooowhooooowhoooooo whoooowhooooohhhh! It was loud and it was fun in my little imagination of who I…


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