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Mine would be Cecelia Ahern’s PS I love you.



It was such a good read and a very nice story about love, loss, and learning to live again. I have read quite a few books though, mostly fiction. I have read some of Paulo Coelho’s too, and some Mitch Albom’s –they’re all great too and inspiring, but this book really got me hooked. I have read this book several times (and I couldn't put it down every time i started reading it) since I bought it a couple of years ago and it’s really different from other chick lit that I’ve read before. It made me cry and then made me laugh while tears were still streaming down my face. I love the characters, they are very realistic. It shows a very real look at how people deal with grief and how to move on without forgetting all that you've lived with the person. It also shows the importance of family and friends in times of hardships, self-recovery and healing. 


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I've only read few books and most of them are novels or inspirational. The last one I read was Me and Mr Darcy.


It's related to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice hence Mr Darcy in the title. Lesson I got from reading this book? Reality is way better than our fantasies. Plus the fact that we can't prejudge someone as if we already know their story. Applies to every situation!!! It's like an adaptation of Austen's work with a witty way of writing.


I hope I can get a copy of your title so I can share my input on how does it affect me or whatnot. :)

wow. i havent read it yet, but ALEXANDRA POTTER is on my list, ive heard from my friends that she's good. :). i hope i get to read it soon. :)
Sure! :)) If you like love related stories :D
The most unforgettable book that i have ever read is PHILOSOPHY MADE SIMPLE..It is written by Robert Hellenga. It is a story about a man's search for meaning. His meaning in life. The reason why i like this book is because the protagonist is a MAN. I read a lot of books and watched a lot of movies and almost all of the movies the protagonists are female but this one is different, its a man.
interesting. i'll go find this book someday. :)

hi. Ive been looking for this book everytime Im in a bookstore. I cant seem to find this book. :( Where'd you get yours if you dont mind?

Mine is the Bible because every time i read this book, it's inspire me a lot and tells me what is Life worth living. it's help me a lot..,
hi ate sheila! :) yes, bible. not only inspiring, but also help us to be more aware of what God has done for us. :) thank you!
I cannot forget the book THE CATCHER IN THE RYE. I have read it years ago. It's about this young teenage rebellious boy who transferred from a few different schools in a single term because he keeps flunking on his subjects.The story happened on a Christmas season.

I like how J.D Salinger wrote the book because it's like his actually talking to you and the story tells about a reality that every teenager could possibly be going through.

for me Andrew Matthews' Being Happy!

The cover of Being Happy! by Andrew Matthews

this is a very interesting and uplifting self-help book on happiness.. I have read this book when I was in third year high school. you don't need to read all of it to understand the thoughts and ideas, very user friendly. :)

sure! thank you! :)

My favorite book I have read is Mystic river. The story was with a childhood tragedy that overshadowed their lives, three men are reunited by circumstance when one loses a daughter.


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