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I'm a real artist and TV producer by heart. I do not want to expose my acting skills. Haha!

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Behind the Camera! i would enjoy writing scripts than acting.
Yes, Icey. And we can play around with our creative juices and artistry as Mass Comm graduate.
Yes. Rather than often being scolded by the director. It goes Take 2, 3, 4, 5 and so on and so forth.. Haha!
But maybe I will consider hosting stint but not for drama or soap genre. After all, it is still a profession with very high compensation.
Anywhere as long as I'm productive and I enjoy what I am doing, I enjoy my co-workers, I enjoy the set, and everything about the project. For me, either your behind the camera or in front both roles are very challenging and the output will not be successful without the other to support the other.
In front. Coz i always wanted to see on camera, i want to be an artist or a model.. nyaaahahaha.. i much prefer in front coz i'm a dancer before. It's common on me to perform with lots of people watching. But it's not bad also when i'm going behind on the camera even it's not my fashion coz i know that not most of the time you'll always be in front, you must need to grow and to be grow you need to try something new.
I would like to work in front of the camera. I can act. I was just not given the big break yet. It's time for me to shine! Hahaha!
I've experienced working in front of the camera. Now, I would love to experience working behind it. =)

i want behind the camera because i love camera so much. i want to take a picture or a shoot a video  of a wonderful stories and places. i want to capture all the beauty in the world.

I like to be a director, but I would like to do both roles, only I will do acting on rehearsals, when trying to direct the actors. I need to feel what they feel, see what they see and hear what they hear to discover and get the fine details and so I can direct them better. The fine details will also add to my collection of knowledge, so as I improve as I make movies. It also follows that if I spotted great acting, I will then try to extract that and imitate or ask the actor for a demo and I will act it out so I can understand it better. In this way I learn as a director and get better each time learning from actors, and them learning from me.

I like being in front of the camera, maybe acting or singing. But I've always wondered what it's like to work behind the scenes so I guess I prefer being behind the camera.

Of course I like being in front of the camera, maybe singing because Im really a music lover. I hope to have my own music video hehe!


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