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What will you choose: RICH but has an extremely UGLY face or POOR but has an extremely BEAUTIFUL Face

Do you want to be as rich as Bill Gates but you have a very ugly face? Or be as poor as mice but possesses an Extremely Beautiful Face?

For me, I'll choose to be Rich! :D

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I choose to be rich,because you have a lot of money to send you in plastic surgery as well.

I will choose to be rich and at the same time enrich my personality. Physical looks grabs a person’s  initial interest, but it fails to maintain any strong relationship. Attractiveness towards a partner comes more from his/her personality than physical looks. With my wealth and rich personality, i can be the best that i can be in all aspects of life.
I just want to say a comment, you don't need to choose from the choices above. For me,if you love some one you don't have to care about what is she/he really, as long as you love each other. If you want to become rich work with it together with your one love.
I choose to be poor as mice but possesses an extremely beautiful face (with brain).. So, it would be BEAUTY AND BRAIN. I could use my face to earn some money. With my face, I could be a model including but not limited to commercials, magazines, and etc or an actress. Or when worst situation become more worst, I could flirt with a rich man.. Hahaha or even marry him if he's cute and very nice slash lovable..=))))

i will  choose the rich even though he has extremely ugly face at least i will be richer and there are so many technologies now i will advise him to have a plastic surgery.

I'd rather be poor with an extremely Beautiful face.. there's a chance that a rich guy might be attracted to me hehe.. Also, I'm afraid that if I would be rich with an extremely ugly face, people will befriend me just because of my money.

I rather choose rich even though i am ugly because I have money to fix my face in plastic surgery.

I rather choose rich even though i am ugly because I have money to fix my face in plastic surgery.

The two competing values here are money and beauty!

I thought this covers how one chooses a partner!LOL

Between the two, I'd be the latter. I'll just work hard to get rich... or not.HAHAHA

I'm a woman, so I would prefer an extremely beautiful face. My beauty will attract the rich. :P

I would hope to destroy the dilemma by creating a third option. If am ugly and rich, I would choose understanding or cultivation of understanding. If am beautiful but poor, I would choose understanding and its cultivation. I think violating the rules in this context and creating a third option will create more freedom in me. So given a choice between the two, I would go for a third, so that whatever comes out, I would understand.


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