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I can still remember, during my grade school days. My teacher would ask us,What is our ambition or what do we want to be when we grow up.

Some would say, I want to be a pilot,I want to be a policeman,I want to be an astronaut and etc.

I would always say, I want to be a teacher!

haha! it's funny because I could still remember my teachers during grade school, they would ask me to write somethings on their lesson plans. They would have also asked me to write somethings on the board for the class to copy.I thought it was cool, I was my teacher's assistant. Now I realize they were lazy! hahaha

During High School, I am my teacher's assistant too. They would have asked me to check the test papers everytime,they would have asked me to write something on their lesson plans,and record the grades on the Grading Notebook. Haha my classmates were jealous of me.


I want to be a teacher again! Teach something in a different way.

I wish to be like Chris, and all the other specialist of AIEP.

What about you,can you still remember your childhood ambition of who you wanted to become?

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to be an astronaut someday!.. hahahahhahah.. ^^
when i was a child. i was amazed with their suit and way back then i used to say that i want to ride a spaceship going to the sun.. ^^

I wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer -- typical ambition, right?


I also wanted to be a businessman or an actor.



Good luck with your dream, Jhana!  I know that if you pursue it, you will reach great heights!
I want to become an astronaut too! :(



To be a LAWYER.

When I was a child i have always dreamed of being Architect because i wanna be like my Father then High school came and i had a love-hate relationship with Mathematics Particularly Physics. to make the story short i ended up pursuing my second love which is in line with Painting, Arts and Languages and i must I love it. BUT, i still want to be an Architect.
To become a doctor
I wanted to be a soldier or assassin. Hahah!
When I was young, I wanted to become a superhero.... :-S When I realized that I couldn't be one, I wanted to be a policeman. Then when I started watching Discovery Channel, I wanted to be an archaeologist. :D

When I was younger, I wanted to be the Yellow Power Ranger.

As I grew up, I realized that wouldn't be possible so to make my parents happy I decided to focus on becoming a Doctor.

During my time volunteering at the hospital in high school, I realized being a Doctor wasn't for me. So, I changed my mind again and decided to study International Relations.

I did one semester at UCI before I moved here to the Philippines and decided to focus on Archeology with a major in Egyptology, but my parents didn't support me so I shifted to Mass Communications.... and now I'm a teacher. ^_^

when i am a grade shcool my ambition is to be a doctor...



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