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My favorite fruit is MANGO.I like mangoes because they are so sweet and delicious. The mango is the national fruit of India, Pakistan, and the Philippines. The mango tree is the national tree of Bangladesh.

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My favorite fruit is RIPE MANGO!!!!  I always get "bungang-araw" eating to much RIPE MANGO during summer season. ^_^

so i think you need to try the Indian mangoes
i heard that the mangoes of camiguin are even better...Rice and mangoes??? how is that possible???
My favorite fruit is Avocado. I love its soft texture and the flavor itself when mixed with milk and sugar.yummy!^^
but i think it has a lot of calories in i right?

I like indian mangoes, we have two big trees in our backyard, it's nice when it is in season coz' we don't have to buy.  I like eating it with bagoong, my daughter dip her indian mangoes in soy sauce :) 

wow...i like indian mangoes too... thats my mother's favorite kind of mango...i remember eating that with soy sauce and sugar ...try it and you will love that combination...

are you aware of the mango called mangga JUANI????

I have only one favorite fruit, and that is Jack fruit. Because aside from it is sweet and delicious, it also smells good.
Jackfruit??thatis an unusual fruit for me coz the last time i saw it was when i was in DAVAO city. My mother like fruits so she practically taste everything....
I like blackberries, especially in my pancakes. I like its sweet taste and color. Plus, I don't have to buy it when I am in Canada because it just grows in our backyard.
actually, i have never tasted blackberries before..if i am not mistaken, they were considered poisonous during the 19th centuries and they were found tasty and good thats wh people come to love i right????
Like most of you, my favorite fruit is also mango. Ripe or indian, it doesn't matter to me. I love eating it with bagoong. Even with ripe mango, I still prefer eating it with bagoong. :)


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