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I love purple, lilac, violet!  It's the color of the royalty long time ago, because it's hard to produce violet color in a fabric that time.  But, here in the Philippines , other people think it's the color for mourning because they incorporate it during lenten season that church uses this color.  But what i know is , the reason that these color is being use during lenten season is not due to mourning but it signifies that Jesus is the king and so they use purple/lilac/violet. To give respect to a royalty.

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When i was in high school most of my things were either pink or purple, but now i don't have my favorite color anymore hehe...

My favorite color is blue ever since.. but I also like the colors red, pink, green, yellow and purple they are nice colors too.

I love white! for its clean representation and easy to combine with other colors, as to me I relate this to my easy to be with character. Never been in my life as far a I know that I caused friction to those people around me. I like it you can incorporate it to anything. 

My favorite color is YELLOW for it symbolizes happiness, joy and hope. I love seeing yellow flowers and stuffs, it lifts up my mood. But I don't like wearing yellow clothes because it does not complement my skin color well.

My favorite color is pink because it's remind me with my friends " Rellyn Yurong ". Because she love pink and i love her as my sister. Every time i saw pink color, I just imagine she is with me to made me smile. :)

My fave color

Green!!! =)

Now it's blue. My fave color changes. Heheh!

Green is cool. This colour help you releases the stress in your mind and body. Try it, its true.

I agree! :D

I like blue.

I have many favorite color but the best for me is White,because white symbolizes a virgin. White means kindness. In some cultures white is worn at funerals. White is Monday's color. White daisies are a symbol of loyal love.


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