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I think one of the good attitude that we Filipinos have is being Hospitable.  We always see to it that our visitors are comfortable and well taken care of.  If you visit a Filipino home, even if they don't have money or food that time, they will still offer and find ways to give something to their visitors.  They can even let the visitor sleep on their bed and they would sleep in the floor just to make sure they made their visitor feel comfortable.

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Most of the Filipino even they suffered in poverty they still happy, you can observed  people who lived as a  illegal settlers.
I Agee to that! And also when there's a calamity and someone is covering the event , you can see some people who were affected in the calamity in the background still smiling when they are in front of camera or video . Haha
Saying "po" and "opo" and blessing hands of elders. My niece is now living in UK and I like how it sound when she inserts these words to her sentences, she says "Yes po tita". Her British accent makes it sounds nice and I'm proud of her being respectful remembering good Filipino attitudes although she's now in a foreign country.
Oh that's cute.  But here in Philippines, you'll seldom hear it from kids now.  And i don't see kids do the Mano po ( blessing hands of elders ) anymore.
I think, Filipinos believes in strong family bonding. Filipinos are all smile They  very good at singing and dancing.
I agree. It's being hospitable. Filipinos are usually generous when they have visitors,friends or even have met new people.
The attitude that I admired most about Filipinos, is for being jolly. They love merriment. Even those who suffers poverty,can still manage to be happy. They drink, they dance, they sing, they eat, just to be happy. They don't mind problems, as long as they can breath , they enjoy life.!
I agree. We Filipinos are well known for being hospitable. Also, we have this positive outlook in life that whatever happens, whatever problems we may encounter, we are still somehow laughing at our problems.
I love the positivity of Filipinos. Even when disaster strikes, we are still able to put on a smile. Whenever there are flood or natural disaster and I see the situation of the people affected in the news, Filipinos at the back of the newscaster would always wave and smile at the camera.
I always impress with Filipinos and their musical talents, artists. Filipinos people treat you with respect and kindness. Filipinos very helpful too.

of course, Filipinos are so hospitable. So that's the trait i admire on us.

Hospitality and Resiliency. Hospitality in a sense that Filipinos welcome and treat their visitors well. Resiliency are also noticeable among Filipinos for they can easily surpass every struggle that comes their way.


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