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Create a conversation in the forum between you and another person (friend, classmate, family member, or colleague.) How?


1.  Start a discussion in any section in the forum.

2.  Come back to this thread and post the link and title of that thread by replying to this thread.

3.  You must have at least 20 conversational exchanges each (20 from you and 20 from the other person.)  NOTE: Though it is okay for others to reply to your thread, their replies will not be counted.


You're reply should look like this:


Chris Delacruz
Assignment #3 - Conversation Fluency Link: P90X - A Revolutionary Workout


NOTE: If you have completed this assignment under C3, you are exempt.

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Hello anyone? Trying to comPlete my writing assignments for public speech class, can anyone help with some ideas please!?

Hi AIEPeeps!

I would like to finish this ASSIGNMENT - but I need help.

Any takers?

Here's my link: Befriending Strangers Online.

Thanks so much in advance!!!

  Conversation Between Me And My best Friend:


ME; How do you think i 'started this' by being worried about you? The first thing i asked Michael was, "Is Rosie okay?" because you actually mean something to me, but after the way you've been treating me this last year, it's obvious you don't feel the same about me.


ROSIE; Oh in that mood, huh? Well Mike is with me RIGHT now and he's telling me very different.


ME; Telling you what exactly?


ROSIE; ****. YOU.

Don't you DARE ever try and blame him!


ME; What the hell is going on?! I'm not even being nasty! He obviously doesn't understand what's going on, that's all i meant! I have lost so f***ing much this year and i had only wanted to try to be friends again, but you always end up telling me to f*** off and i CANT handle this anymore!


ROSIE; Michael's the best thing in my world and I just want people to stop using him as a stick to beat me with because that's all people seem to do anymore and I hate it and it's nice to know I'm only here for when you f***ing need me!


ME; What?! Did you not READ what I just wrote?! I didn't even say anything BAD about Michael, he just doesn't understand or he misread my texts! I have never said anything bad about him or your relationship and i was F***ING HAPPY FOR YOU! I am not only here when you need me, I WAS ALWAYS HERE, YOU JUST NEVER F***ING REPLY!


ROSIE; You only make things about yourself constantly!




ROSIE; Don't get me f***ing started!


ME; What?!


ROSIE; .......


ME; When we were sitting in town on Saturday, i kept asking about you and your family and you were reply with like a sentence  If i hadn't have been talking 'about myself constantly', we would have sat there in silence! But to be honest Rosie  you've already decided you hate me for no reason, so nothing i say is going to matter to you.


ROSIE; I.. hate you for no reason?


ME; Yes!


ROSIE; How's that then?


ME; I don't know! Thats the point! I don't understand why this is happening! 


ROSIE; Right.


ME; WHAT???!!!!

You know what, it doesn't matter. I've put four years of effort into our friendship and you're tearing it apart over nothing, and that's your choice. I hope that you have a great life, but I don't want to be part of it. I'm deleting your number off my phone and i'll happily send you all the photos you drew me back. I don't want to be reminded of how quickly you turned on me and didn't even give me an explanation. I'll delete both you and Michael and I'm not going to contact either of you again, as soon as you tell me if you want your drawings back. Also, your bag is still in my house and if you want it back, feel free to send someone to get it.


I didn't reply after that. I should tell you that both my nanny(grandmother) and my old babysitter died recently and I have been completely heartbroken. During this time, I had tried to contact her at least thirty times, as she knew them both and I wanted her to go to the funerals. Saturday was the first day I heard from her and she said she was outside my house and told me she was engaged. She has been my best friend for four years, but we haven't spoken in two months as she never replied to me. I hadn't been aware she was dating anyone. 
So, who do you think is in the wrong here?

conversation between my sister and me

Sister What you wnt for dinner

Me chicken or beef

Sister Can you change your dinner

Me I cant

Sister Why you can not

Me For dinner i eat protein always

Siter you eat every night same

Me i eat only the best protein

Sister Your dinner is very expensive

Me no,is not

Sister Yes you eat like two person

Me No i Eat normal

Sister can you make dinner alone

Me I like when you prepare for me

Sister i dont want,you must alone

Me ok,if you dont want,I will make

sister Great,one day break for me

Me but I dont know how to make

sister yes tou know

Me i am angry and hungry

sister i dont care

me please do that for me

sister i dont want

me ok,tomorrow i will make for myself

sister i dont belive

me you are lazy

sister no you are lazy

me ok,i will make

sister that is good


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