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Did you know that in the  Philippine government's National Budget  allocation for the Department of Health is 33.3B. This ranks 7th in the list of priorities of the government. First on the list is the Department of Education, second is Department of Public Works and Highways , for the rest of the list follow the link.. ( Don't you think health care needs more priority...or in this case more funding?







Xyline Vita V. Lorenzana

Assignment #3 Conversation Fluency

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Of course not.  Why do Filipinos need to be healthy?  They should spend more money on weapons.




It is my opinion that healthcare should be a right that is free and available to all humans.  Most countries' would do well to model themselves after the best European social democracies:


1. Free healthcare for all

2. Free education for all

3. Comprehensive welfare systems for the poor and unemployed

4. Freedom of religion and expression

5. Political processes (more) free from religious or corporate influence

6. Modern but basic defense spending

7. Widespread scientific understanding


The USA recently had a huge debate on the status of healthcare.  Though it made some small strides forward, we have similar problems in making it a priority and treating it as the human right it should be.  To live in good health should not be a luxury.

Yes more weapons would help improve the population problem... :)

Seriously, I agree that healthcare here is a luxury. If you don't have money for down payment they won't admit you into private hospitals. Minimum down payment is about P5,000 just to be admitted. Lucky for those working for companies with health cards but still the coverage is very limited.

How sad are our priorities.  Maybe you are lucky to have freedom of speech in a democracy, but how do you speak if you are dead?  When only rich people can get the best healthcare or even good healthcare, you are effectively saying that only rich people deserve to live, and that only rich people deserve to speak.  Since life is a precursor to expression, free healthcare should be valued above free expression.  Unfortunately healthcare costs money.  It doesn't cost anything (directly) to let people speak.  Sigh, money :P
My point can you work when you're sick? How can you study when you're sick? Everybody has a right not only to free health care but also to "good quality" healthcare. I've  been to some public hospitals and the facilities are so bad you would get even more sick if you stayed. Yes, sad but true.. having money makes a lot of difference.

So how do we change the world? :P

Let's make money or better yet, run for congress! :)

We can help and make a difference in our own little way. How? By joining outreach programs and participating in medical missions.

Have you ever visited a public hospital here?

Nope, I've never been to any hospital here.  Except Makati Med ... is that a hospital?  Why do you ask?


I'd like to be a congressman here. Is it possible?  Or even ...  PRESIDENT.  haha

Makati Med is  a class "A" hospital.  I'll take you on a hospital tour if you like. Imagine two people sharing one hospital bed?


You're an American, it's not possible to run for Philippine Congress.

you're right

TRUE!!! Good health is not a luxury but a right. Daniel, thanks for the suggestion, we really need to spend more on weapons. We are trailing in terms of military effectiveness. I would say 90% of our tanks, helicopters and ships were donated by the US. Making us seem like scavengers of WW2 and Vietnam War.

I heard the administration is purchasing 12 new fighter jets. Only to be shot down by anti aircraft installations in case of war breakout? HAHAHA!!!


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