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Yes, if  i had chance to do it all over again, i wan't to correct some  area of my life that i made a mistake,wrong  decision. from the past.

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Probably not. I might regret few things I did before but if not for those, I wouldn't be the same person today.
Yes, if i could do it all over again.  I might change some mistakes and wrong decisions that i made when i was yonger.
if ever given a chance to do it all over again, i would probably change FEW mistakes i made in the past but not necessarily to change the way my life is right now.
I f i could do it all over again, i would not change anything because i believe that everything happens for a reason and if i didnt meet all those bad situations in my life then i wouldnt be the strong person that I am today.

if i will be given a chance to change something i did on my existence. i will be closer enough to my parents and be respectful.

If I would be given a chance to do it all over again, i would not change anything. Yes, I end up regretful over some things in the past but i actually overcome it now and really learn from it.

If I have the second chance to fix one mistake and do it all over again, I will make sure to put attention to where those mistake exist and be sure to make it better the second time around.

We can look back into the past. What we have actually is a memory of what had happened. This memory orients us in our timeline of past, present and future. We cannot change the past anymore proving that we cannot undo what we did, but we can look back. This action of recalling memory of the past give us a chance for a change. When we look back, not only we recall the event, we also access our persistent beliefs of that event, about who we are in it, our situation then especially the misfortunes that came to us. Since we have chance of looking back and reliving the beliefs, we then have a chance of recognizing these beliefs and changing them at the moment. After we do this when we look back again our perspective is already different. If before, an event of the past makes us miserable as we recall it at the present time, changing our beliefs about it results to that same event inspiring us to move on or it just don't bother us anymore because we gained closure by the change.

Life is too beautiful to have regrets and it's too short to waste your time thinking. Learning more about life, I could say that I don't like to have regrets in my life. In AIEP, I learned to take risk. And if I could do it all over again, I would say no. I don't want to be stuck by the past. It would be nice if you continue your life and face the new beginning and have a different ending in every story. But, there's nothing wrong in trying again. But not, all over again. :)


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