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If smoking is in for fashion? I'd rather step back and be out for fashion.
I'd rather choose to be out of fashion. Than be in but in return I will die young and ruin my lungs just for the sake of fashion.

How about you would join the fashion if smoking is part of the fashion trend?



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Though I've smoked before, I would not join them.  Fashion should not be harmful to the body, though I've heard reports of models starving themselves just to make it in the industry.

Same with Bro. Chris im a quitter also. I quit it because it's not good for the health, it gives bad breath, and bad scent which is why i don't see any fashion on it.. ^^

I will never be caught dead fashionably smoking. LOL! ... No, although when I was younger I thought it was cool -- a social activity, and therefore I have always smoked socially. Couldn't finish a stick on my own. Now, definitely not. I don;t need to smoke to bond with people.
Honestly smoking is part of the fashion world and it hasn't died all these years. Whether its part of the current trend or not... I won't force myself just to be in fashion! Well its all up to me if I feel like smoking or not! I used to smoke but I quit smoking already since last year. One person won't gain popularity even if she's in fashion or not! Its how you get a long with people and its what you do that caught their eye to make you be in or popular! :)
I won't joint them because I don't follow trends, I am a trend-setter haha
I won't join them. Your overall health condition will be deteriorating even though you are still alive.
I should hand out shirts to models that say "Smokers ain't getting a kiss" - that's pretty fashionable.
I'll wear that! even if i'm not a model haha
I'm smoker but for passion?never...hehe

I look at fashion as a things that you are comfortable with. Its not like that things that look good on other people will look good on you.

I guess Smoking is not a thing for me.

No, I've been in the fashion industry before and one need not to smoke just to be " In " the industry. Value your health and develop your inner self satisfaction then the rest will follow.
Smoking? I tried it before but my body didn't like it and also it's bad for your breath. Smoking cigarettes makes you age very quickly. For me it's better to stop doing it especially for women it doesn't look good when you smoke. It's not fashionable. Smoking is the worst enemy of your health.


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