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CX Assignments are the same as C3 Assignments.  That means all you have to do is go to the C3 Assignments section of this forum.

There is only one difference, which is American Accent.  So complete this exercise here.  After that, you can go to the C3 Assignments and complete the exercises there.

CX American Accent Assignment

Give 10 words for each of the 14 phonetics.  If the word is more than one syllable, capitalize, bold, or underline the letter.


American A - 1. fat 2. cat. 3. sat. 4. mat 5. banAna 6. apple 7. handsome 8. clap 9. plastic 10. gas

Post your CX assignments in the C3 Section.

Post the 14 phonetics and examples here.  Do not repeat the words already given by others.

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American A - Accent, Cat, Abrogate, Accede, Academic, Abstraction,  Acrophobia, Accident, Acclamation, Adhere

Short A- Ask, Apple, Application, Gather, Fallow, Gas, Shall, Pattern, Abash, Abandoned,

Long A- Hate, Late, Mate, Cake, Available, Amaze,  Lady, Baby, Fate, Gate

Short E- Let, Get, Set, Met, Bet, Fetch, Red, Impenetrable, Extra, Expose

Long E- Meet, Pea, Lease, Speak, Concieve, Eat, December,leak, Cheer, Cheek

Short i- It, Bit, Sit, fit, Literature, Drill, Picture, Niche, Blip, Ship

Long i-  Hive, Light, Dive, Drive, Flight, Blithe, Gyroscope, Height,Shine, Kite

Long O- Blow, Notice, Social, Poetry, Mowing, Sew, Row, Bowling, Go, Flow

Short O- Ox, Olden, Omelet, Olympic, Only, Off, Odor, Odds, October, Occidental

OO- Fool, Loop, Book, Brook, Soothing, Took, Noose, Zoom, Look, Zoo

OU- Thought, Through, Abounding, Amounting, Jouster, Amour, Luminous, Aloud, Court, Ground,

OI- Embroiderer, Loin, Altoids,  Stoic, Doing, Xyloid, Hypothyroid, Groins, Disappoint, Discoid

Short U-  Mug, Pug, Bug, Jug, Uncle, Under, hundred, Truck, Plum, Rug

Long U-  Glue, Tube, Unicorn, Few, Utopia, Contribute, Renew, Dew, Continue, Queue

Mark Alvin B. Apostol

  1. American “a”


 2.  Short “a”


 3. Long ”a”



 4. Short “e”


 5. Long “e”


 6. Short “I”



 7. Long “i”

- rely- July- dry- sly-shy- sty-fry-my-cry-pry

8. Short “o”


 9.Long “o”


10. Long “u”



11. “au”



12. “oi”





13. Almost schwa “ù”



14. Schwa “Ə”












Kimmy Rae M. Albunag

  1. American “a”


 2. Short “a”


 3. Long ”a”



 4. Short “e”


 5. Long “e”


 6. Short “I”



 7.Long “i”


 8. Short “o”


 9. Long “o”


10. Long “u”



11. “au”



12. “oi”



13. Almost schwa “ù”



14. Schwa “Ə”



American A

1. bag  3.attAck  4. pants  5. Abacus 6. Abalone  7. bAmboo  8. cAbin 9.fAbric  10. mAcaroni

Long A

1. weight  2. awAken  3. lAbel 4.kale  5. nail  6. cAble 7.  zAny  8. lAbor  9. sleigh  10. rAinbow

Short A

1. art  2. Arbiter  3. bar  4. bArbaric 5. dance 6. sabotAge  7.tar  8. garb  9. gArden 10. facAde

Long E

1. beat  2. beast 3. geek 4.feel 5.meal 6. mEager 7. creed 8. greed 9. seed 10. vEhicle

Short E
1. bed 2. bet 3. dead 4. fret 5.fresh 6. pet 7. tError 8. sErenade 9. rEgister  10. peg

Long I

1. LIbel  2. shy  3. midnIght  4. hIbernate 5. white 6. high 7. vIbrate  8. kind 9. dIaper  10. glide

Short I

1. mInImal  2. tick 3. mIngle  4. dIctate  5. tIcket 6. fIckle 7. gIddy 8. cItIzen 9.bIllboard 10. sick

Short O

1. Oblong  2. pot 3. Ostrich 4.hOstage 5. hOstile 6. lodge 7. trOmbone 8. box 9. watch 10. abdOminal

Long O 

1. load 2. blow 3. abOde 4. throw 5. show 6. host 7. dole 8. kaleidoscOpe 9. rope 10. Owner 

Short U

1. push 2. cOOkware 3. bOOkstore 4. lUrid 5. BUddha 6. bush 7. full 8. put 9. cOOkery  10. nook

Long U

1. blUetOOth 2. flu 3. youth 4. fOOdchain  5. nOOdles  6. rOOftop  7. translUscent  8. Uranium  9. Unite  10. opUlent

1. foil 2. boil 3. joy 4. moist 5. poise 6. groin 7. goist 8. joint 9. point 10. coil


1. crowd 2. arOUnd 3. pound 4. gown 5. crown 6. house 7. fOUndation 8. cOUnter 9. bow 10. foul


1. gyrOscope 2. daffOdil  3. tailOr  4. habituAl  5. jaguAr  6. laddEr  7. fabulOUs 8. blazEr  9. viOlEnt 10. radiAnt

American A- 1.hard 2.spam 3.palm 4.nad 5.calm 6.arm 7.father 8.father 8.can 9.hat 10.sat

Long A- 1.main 2.vain 3.said 4.shade 5.maiden 6.mail 7.rain 8.crave 9.crane 10.amaze

Long E- 1.achieve 2.agree 3.bee 4.beef 5.eve 6.eager 7.each 8.keen 9.eel 10.exceed

Short I- 2.this 3.ring 4.jig 5.bin 6.kid 7.big 8.king 9.rib 10.inch

Oi- 1.hoyden 2.embroider 3.ahoy 4.arroyo 5.annoy 6.anoint 7.boyish 8.exploit 9.ellipsoid 10.boycott

Long O- 1.coke 2.slope 4.dome 5.pose 6.stole 8.cope 9.robe 10.quote

OU- 1.aloud 2.account 3.amount 4.arouse 5.accountability 6.announce 7.astound                 9.announcement 10.avouch

Long U- 1.suit 2.cube 4.bugle 5.cute 6.juice 7.fuse 8.tune 9.salute 10.glue

AU- 1.shout 2.sour 3.bowl 4.shower 5.vow 6.crowd 7.sauvtage 8.bureau 9.fauteuil 10.renault

Short E- 2.sketch 3.tell 4.sell 5.mer 6.vert 8.wet 10.tear

Short U- 1.plug 2.pull 3.should 5.aunt 6.undress 7.undo 8.subtile 9.subside 10.subtract

Short O- 1.obelisk 2.october 3.ocelot 4.octagon 5.octopus 6.omelet 7.omnivore 8.otter 9.on 10.odd

Long I- 1.aye-aye 2.eyebrow 3.eyelash 4.eyedropper age 6.iceberg skate 8.icosahedron 9.icicle 10.iris

Schwa- 1.ample 3.boy 4.parallel 5.add 6.arms 7.jupiter 8.ordinary 9.extra 10.coral

American A  -1. Agony   2. Apple  3. cat  4. back 5. grab 6. understand  7. dam 9. psalms 10. Calm


 Short A        -1. Abundance 2. Adorable 3. Appreciation 4. Abide 5. Approve 6. Apprehension  7. Assault 8. Absolute  9. Absent  10. After


Long A       - 1. Hazing   2. corporation 3. radiance 4. inhale 5. admiration 6. Faint 7 scape 8. arraignment  9. array 10. Range


Short E      - 1. heaven 2. hell  3. Egg 4. presence 5. retaliate 6. pen  7. selection 8. herb 9. nerve

                    10. brevity


Long E       - 1. creek 2.geek 3. adhere 4. meekness 5. redeem 6. needle 7. appear 8. meet 9. Breeze 10. veer


Short  I      - 1. rib 2. Timid 3. Cynic 4. Skin 5. Kindred 6. siblings 7. akin 8. akimbo 9. Conflict  10 Institute


Long  I       - 1. spine 2. bride  3. bridle 4. ice 5. write 6. whiten 7. prime 8 widen 9 direction 10.sublime


Short O      - 1. forbidden 2. compensate 3. congratulate 4.control 5.condense 6. conglomerate 7. random 8. vapor 9. door 10. pores


Long O       - 2.dove 3. below 4. cone 5. worm 6. report 7. fortress 8. combat 9. behold 10. overflow


Long OO     - 1.move 2. groom 3. solution 4. bookish 5. stupid 6. bloom 7. woe 8. reproof 9. soothe 10. crooked


Long OU     -1. outstanding 2. household 3. sprout 4. drought 5. south 6. proud 7. audacity   8. audible 9. awesome 10. fauna


Long OI      - 1. oily 2. soil 3. spoiler 4. standpoint  5.coincide 6. adroit 7.tortoise 8 noisy 9 appoint 10. employ


Short U      - 1. abrupt 2. curtail 3. buds 4. suppress 5. sup 6. cunning 7. cutting-edge  8. jug 9. buggy 10. sunny


Long U       - 1. undue 2. suit 3. subdue 4. scheduled 5. gesture 6. fume 7. assume 8. purity 9.attuned 10. affluence 








Hi Eva:

Here is the correction for you:


1. Abundance - Schwa

2. Adorable - Schwa
3. Appreciation - Schwa

4. Abide - Schwa

5. Approve - Schwa

6. Apprehension - American A

7. Assault - Schwa

8. Absolute  - American A
9. Absent  - American A
10. After - American A



 Long a- mortagage. painful. caple. gay. payroll. stationary. maple. paper. heartache. remain

Short e- confess. direct. defect. project. protect. possess. success. oppress. elect. inspect

Long e- appeal. repeat. peep. creek. beak. spree. creed. beep. sneeze. bee 

 Short i- bill. pill. ship. trip. strip. script. give. gift. privy. visible

Long i- alive. dive. strive. survive. stripe. stride. sign. sight. spite. knight.

Short o- blog. hog. dot. clot. clock. pot. block. cross. con. blond.

Long o- ford. score. core. bore. gore. soar. pour. store. boar. snore.

 OO- gloom. proof. snooker. scooter. booster. trooper. baboon. monsoon. smooth. smooch.

OU- about. cloud. crowd. plow. loud.slouch. surround. brown. croun. found.

OI- boy. toy. soy. boil. boild. oil. toil. doil. loyal. coy.

Short U- gun. fun. run. hunt. hum. plum. crumb. cup. rust. must.

Long U-blue. glue. true. rule. suit. fruit. juice. crule. grule. flu.



American A: fast, babble, baboon, badge, baccalaureate, bachelor, bachelorette, back, backfire, bad

Long A: abase, abatement, abbreviate, aberration,abeyance, ablate, able, a-bomb, abate, face

Short A: cabal, cabochon, cacciatore, cacophony, calamari, canard, candelabra, capon, carbide, carbine

Long E: daddy, daily, dainty, daiquiri, dairy, maid, daisy, dalasi, damascene, dandy

Short E: earthenware, echelon, echo, eclectic, economic, ecstasy, educable, educate, effluent, effigy

Long I: fahrenheit, falsify, familiarize, fanlight, federalize, feisty, fertilize, fiat, fiberboard, fibrin

Short I: garfish, gastric, gazetteer, generalissimo, generalship, generative, generic, genetic, genomic, gentility

Long O: hail stone, halitosis, hallow, hammertoe, go, no, handwoven, over, hangover, harmonium

Short O: report, immemorial, ignore, immortalize, implore, important, inborn, inboard,incorporate,incorrigible

OI: android, spoiler, haploid, Detroit, noise, ploy, voice, oil cloth, oil skin, loiter, coin, loin, Deloitte

Long U: jackboot, jejune, jew, jewel, jeweler, jewelry, Josue, Jude, judicature, juice

Short U: ugly, ultrasauros, umbrella, under, underwear, unhappy, underline, us, unzip, upper case

AU: hand-me-down, knock down, knock out, know how, kow tow, landau, out, outbid, out board, bounty

Schwa: organize, orgasm, otherwise, otter, metaphor, worker, media, medal, mediocre,medicine

1. American A : shame, had, made, happy, mad, after, sand, pan, tax, absolute

2. long A :  mate, paste, taste, great, eight, make, sail, say, labor, rainbow

3. short A : dance, bar, art, car, far, wash, palm, part, garden, mart,

4. long E : meeting, sheep, seed, week, agree, jeep, see, heat, breathe, tree

5. short E : wet, hell, best, met, let, get, red, set, dress, be

6. long I : die, guide, sky, high, kind, white, midnight, eye, five, might 

7. short I : ring, big, king, six, ship, kill, kiss, inside, hill, fill

8. long O : quote, stole, love, report, below, throw, show, owne, coat, boat

9. short O : floor, sort, hostage, box, octopus, on, door, random, control, forbidden

10. long U : assume, purity, blue, true, juice, suite, glue, flu, noodle, youth

11. short U : full, push, put, book, look, undo, should, up, uncle, plug

12. OI : boycott, annoy, exploit, soil, oil, employ, boy, toy, voice, noise

13. OU : found, about, cloud, loud, south, account, amount, counter, crowd, ground

14. Schwa : ample, parallel, arm, onion, action, calculation, tailor, system, circus, easily

American A - rap, grab, pat, market, manatee, carp, barn, hark, tall, warp

Long A - pain, gain, plane, Maine, gale, said, jade, whale, bane, famed

Short A - rammed, palm, halt, malt, gall, bark, warm, sad, tanned, panned

Long E - Greece, fleece, grease, tease, been, tee, feel, meek, deem, ween

Short E - elk, feet, gear, dear, seer, bean, jeep, yeast, seep, leap

Long I - tried, might, plight, bright, die, dried, hie, while, nigh, climb

Short I - kip, sip, fit, gist, hid, mint, kill, gill, dill, wilt

Long O - bold, ode, doe, goes, dose, over, tote, jolt, goat, bloat

Short O - yolk, know, knot, bot, cot, dot, worthy, dope, vote, sot

OO - boon, nook, hoof, good, loom, gloomy, sooner, fool, coop, whoop

OU - gout, mouth, fought, drought, clout, route, trout, fouled, although, thorough

OI - koi, doilies, toil, void, loiter, soiled, broiled, spoil, droid, hoist

Long U - sue, blue, mule, duel, debut, fur, undo, murky, lurk, tulle

Short U - jut, mutter, gulp, crumble, lump, dump, sup, dump, sum, mumble,

American A - 1. clap 2. attack 3. happen  4. pack  5.bag 6. smack  7. snack   8. mad 9. relax 10. Bath


Short A - 1. ham  3. chap 4.tan 5.smash 6. mask 7. flax 8. flash 9. glad  10. map


Long A - 1. page 2.bake   3.cake  4. table   5.stay 6.away 7.lady  8.clay 9.apron 10.plate


Short E - 1. bed, 2. led, 3. ahead, 4.head ,5. shed. 6.thread. 7.pen 8. men 9. fed 10. when


Long E - 1. bean 2. equal 3. lead 4. reed 5.three  6.reef 7.near  9. sleep 10. cheap


Short I - 1. spin   2. King 3. pick  4.cling 5.sit 6 .commit 7.spit  9. shin 10. ski

Long I - 1. bean 2. equal 3. lead 4. reed 5.three  6.reef 7.near  9. sleep 10. cheap

Short O -  2.mop  3.frog 4.drop 6. pot 7.rock 9. lot  10. fought


Long O - 1. boat 2. moat  3.cold  4.folder  5. no 6. cots 8. over 9. store 10.toad


Long U - 1. music 2. unicorn 3. cube 4.utensils 5.uniforms 6.ukulele 8.use 9. unite 10. cute


Short U - 1.input 2.dug 3.ugly  4.jug 5.jump 6.underwear 7.hug 8.burn  9.muck 10.musk


OI  - 1. voice 2.coin 3.cloister 4.oil 5.oyster 6.toilet 7. point 8.poison 9.toy 10.poinsettia


OU -1. cloud 2. mouse 3.proud 4.mount 5.bound  6.count 8. hour 9.flour 10.south


OO - 1. boots 2. tooth 3.spoon 4. tool 5. Wood 7.fool 8. stool 9.mushroom 10.moor


Schwa - 1. company 2. seldom  3.offend 4. illness 5. answer 6.letter 7. letter 8.sofa 9. carrot  10. around


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