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Do you know advertisements? do you know recommendation? advertisements are promotions of products or services  done by artist via TV commercials while recommendation is where promotions of products or services are advised mostly by people we know. so which would you prefer advertising or recommendations? ^^ 

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Ej I wouldn't mind if you will recommend me some girls... hehehe
waaa.. You choose anyone on AIEP except for... ^^
hahaha.. I know...  ;p
A bit of both, but I LOVE watching commercials and reading print ads. I really admire the people who can execute really brilliant ideas. One of my favorite advertisements is from Adida's. They placed a billboard above the Tokyo crossing. It was a giant picture of a soccer field. For three or so hours, two men played soccer thousands of feet in the air with only a bungee chord to secure them. Youtube it!
Both are important, but recommendation has a more influence when a consumer is choosing a product. Advertisements are made to make all the people know their product.

I'd go for recommendation. Recommendation or "word of mouth" is the most effective way of promoting your product or service.


Nowadays, people are not relying much on the ads that they see on TV or read on the magazines or newspaper. They are most likely convinced when their friends or relatives tell something about the product and how they are satisfied with it. People who already bought or try the product will spread it out to their friends. That way, they help you promote your product. As a result, aside from increasing sales, you are also increasing your loyal customers.

I'd prefer the recommendation from someone I know.. Of course, If someone you know recommend a product definitely they have already tried and proved that the product is good. 

recommendation is better for me. 

I prefer the recommendation of my friends close to me or from one of my family members because they will only recommend based on their experience.

I rather believe in the recommendation than advertisement because at that case, I could ask many questions regarding with the products or services, and scale the reliability of their answers based on my criteria and preferences so that It's more reliable to get information from them. Advertisement would only in favor to the business companies which manage to market the products or sevices.

Recommendations for sure. 


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