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Trung Tâm Tiếng Anh,  ở Baguio, Makati, Philippines. Sử Dụng Tiếng Anh Thành Thạo, Học, Khóa Học, Lớp, Ôn Luyện, Trung Tâm, Ngữ Pháp, Giao Tiếp Thành Thạo, Giọng Tiếng Anh Mỹ, IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, Diễn Thuyết, Tiếng Anh Thương Mại, Kỹ Năng Thuyết Trình, Xây Dựng Tự Tin  Follow our other blog here:


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Everyone is talking about The American Institute as the new leading provider of English language training in the Philippines.
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The prestigious American Institute, located in Makati and Quezon City, is the Philippines' leading service provider of English training and career development, specializing in English proficiency, communication, grammar, writing, American accent, confidence building, standard test preparation (IELTS/TOEFL), critical thinking, and public speaking.  We have revolutionized and innovated English language learning in the Philippines by offering specialized courses that will not only teach you how to speak English well, but also to think critically and analytically; you will not find any English learning institution with higher standards and better staffed than we are.


Valuepoint Executive Plaza, 227 Salcedo Street, Suite 2G (Corner Gamboa
(02) 893-1566 or (02) 822-9026 or 0917-997-4005 Skype: aiepro


E&R Building, 131 Timog Avenue, 3rd Floor (Corner Edsa, next to GMA, above 7-11)
(02) 358-7297 or 0917-997-4005 Skype: aiepro

NOW HIRING: English Language Specialist and Language School Agent
HOW: Simply stop by one of our offices for an immediate interview.  Bring your cover letter and resume.

Blog Posts

Why Success is so Elusive

To many, learning is a drag.  Studying is hard.  School is boring.  While I agree that there are times when the education experience becomes difficult to bear, it is still up to the individual to compel himself to make it through.  Sure, an inspiring teacher or classmate would help; but what happens when the role model is not there to help you anymore?  Will you be able to help yourself?

As a student organization leader, the eldest of five children, manager, business owner, and community leader, I have observed so many instances when a member of the group, family, or company becomes uninspired.  And many times, I have been able to help these individuals.  There are only a few times, however,  where I have been unable to personally coach an individual to success.  And for me to grow as a better coach…


Posted by Chris Delacruz - AIEPRO on March 4, 2014 at 2:00pm — 4 Comments

How Do We Become the Best?

You notice how we ask ourselves, "How do we become the best?" Well, basically speaking, we strive to become one. It would take hard work and patience to earn that dignity and pride. I can say, I am the best in my own domain, but not just me. There are a lot of people who became the best in their own ways.  I've had a lot of hardships along the way just to become the best. I remember my favorite quote in an animation film that I watched back in 2007, "Keep Moving Forward." You guys might be wondering why. Honestly, it is when you are facing challenges and dilemmas in your life, you just can't be all locked up in that nutshell. Always remind yourself to, "Keep Moving Forward." When I was a kid, I could remember that I'm the only child in our family who didn't speak English. That feeling when you are so…


Posted by Neil Jhocson on January 29, 2014 at 12:30pm — 4 Comments

I Love Learning English

Vin (co-founder), Alden Richards (student from GMA Artist Center), Mark Herras (student from GMA Artist Center), Chris (co-founder)

When I first went to the United States, I had difficulty speaking English.  In fact, I didn't speak English very much.  And the English I spoke, I spoke it with a horrible accent.  At least my peers made me feel horrible.  I didn't want to be made fun of by other kids, so I vowed to master English.

I read voraciously.  I joined theater for four years.  I joined debate and mock trial.  I joined speech competitions.  I joined everything I could get my hands on so that I could continue to polish my English and communication skills.  In college I continued to debate and compete in speaking competitions.  In…


Posted by Chris Delacruz - AIEPRO on October 24, 2013 at 10:00am

English and Empowerment and The Million People March

English and Empowerment.  And the Million People March.  How do these three ideas come together at The American Institute?

At The American Institute, we teach English and communication skills to empower the student.  The student becomes more confident with a stronger, more opinionated, and have a more critical voice by building on his or her English and communication skills.  In fact, the very reason why most of our students do not have great communication skills and are lacking confidence is because the taxpayers' money have not been put to proper use, such as in education. 

So on August 26, 2013, some of us will go to Luneta Park to join the #MillionPeopleMarch to empower ourselves and lend our voice to those who cannot be heard: the poor, the needy, the impoverished, the sick, the disadvantaged, and the abused. …


Posted by Chris Delacruz - AIEPRO on August 26, 2013 at 1:30am — 5 Comments

How to Improve Your English

Several students who have fairly good English skills still would like to improve their English skills but they don't know how. There are, however, factual ways to progress your English skills. Every time a student asks me how they can improve their English, I provide them a few suggestions and always observe, after some time on, if they follow what I tell them, their English skills improve dramatically. So, if you too want to improve your English skills, follow these few tips and you'll be amazed at how quick you can learn more English.

The importance of the English language can’t be overemphasized. Comfort and natural with English is more or less a qualification for an accomplishment in the world nowadays. In spite of of the industry, proficiency in English is an essential factor in both hiring and promotion decisions. A lot of us have studied English in school and are rather comfortable with reading and writing. On the other hand, we hesitate as speaking because we sense…


Posted by Liz Orale on June 26, 2013 at 5:28pm — 2 Comments

Studying English in the Philippines is Fun

Studying English does not have to be boring. At The American Institute for English Proficiency, we mix learning and enjoyment. We believe that when you are enjoying and having fun, you will learn more as you develop more passion and enthusiasm. So how do we have fun? Well, one of the ways we make learning more exciting is by having social events. This is a great way for our students to practice their English in a natural social setting. The world is our classroom. We are not limited to the four walls of a traditional classroom.

We have parties, trips, night outs, movie nights, sports events, and more. We even have community service activities and book club meetings. There's definitely something for everyone. So why don't you join us today.

Posted by Chris Delacruz - AIEPRO on August 24, 2013 at 11:30am — 2 Comments

Convenient Location

When selecting a school, most students consider its location as an important factor in their decision.  They certainly don’t want to spend half their day commuting to a school located far.  Some even consider having a good selection of eateries and restaurants close to the school a great thing.  Others might even want a school that’s located in a tourist destination.  Enter the American Institute for English Proficiency.  One reason it is considered the best English school in the Philippines is that it has three locations: Makati, Quezon City and Baguio.  The Makati branch is just minutes away from the MRT Ayala station and easily accessible by taxi or passenger jeepney.  With its proximity to Greenbelt, there is a wide selection of places to eat.  The Quezon City branch is just as conveniently located, close to the MRT GMA station and is walking distance from the restaurants along Timog.  For students who want a different experience, the Baguio branch is a great place to learn. …


Posted by Rodney Urbano on June 26, 2013 at 5:20pm — 1 Comment

How to improve your English

Most people want to improve our communication skills, especially English.  But there are many different opinions on the best way to achieve this.  Some people say through academics.  Some say practical application.  Others say an environment where everyone is encouraged to learn and improve.  What better place to get all these than at the American Institute for English Proficiency.  Here, students are inspired by Specialists.  Most have been to or lived in North America.  Not only do students learn the different rules in English, they also get to apply what they learned through different activities like public speaking and conversations.  There are also numerous social events.  An actual social setting is a great way to practice your English, right?  So yes, you can improve your English academically, through practical application and choosing an environment that encourages learning.  At AIEP, it is also about the culture.  English is our culture.

Posted by Rodney Urbano on June 26, 2013 at 5:26pm — 3 Comments


Some Face Care Tips For Women

A wholesome diet provides the right stability of minerals vitamins and antioxidants through the body and directly to your skin. Healthier skin cells appear fresher greater and much more lively. A healthy diet should be composed of various vegetables…Continue

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What are you allergic to? 46 Replies

Food, medicine, animals, whatever. What are you allergic to? I wonder if anyone has an unusual answer. As for me, I'm allergic to pollen, but I think a lot of people are allergies

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For me, before I’m going to sleep at night I do wipe my face and neck with a cotton and extract facial cleanser to take away the dusty smoke that I caught from my travel to the office and vice versa.Continue

Started by Maria Estella N. Leuterio in General - Health, Fitness, and Beauty. Last reply by Jordan 20 hours ago.

Who is your favorite comedian? 14 Replies

Comedians are great entertainer. They help a lot of people by reducing their stress and problems. One of my favorite in local is Vice Ganda, he never fail to make me laugh.Continue

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What do you think about women smoking and drinking? 26 Replies

I am a chain smoker and i think that i have my own reasons why i smoke. I smoke because i want to relieve my self from stress. I am trying my very best to stop and quit but its not an overnight success right? Well, we do not have any right to judge…Continue

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If you were given a chance to become a super hero, what would it be and why? 3 Replies

For me, If I had given the chance to become a super hero, I want to become part of the Power Rangers. Aside from Jet Man, power rangers are my favorite super hero characters when I was a child. I have been missing my childhood days every time I…Continue

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what is the best animated film for you? 34 Replies

what is your favorite animated film?

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If you could travel back in time to meet anyone in your family's history, whom would you most want to meet? 4 Replies

I want to meet my mother's mother and my father's father. :)

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What is your favorite part inside your house? Why? 13 Replies

 Of course, my own room is my favorite part because I'll be more comfortable, i can relax as much as I can and no one can disturb me. I have my own television and music player so I can watch and listen my music anytime while I'm lying in my bed....Continue

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If you could be any age again for one week, what age and why? 8 Replies

I will love to be 18 again for at least one week. So I will celebrate my 18th Birth Day again. :) I haven't experience the 18 roses, 18 candles, 18 balloons, 18 gifts all of the 18's hahaha. I wish I am 18 again. :)Continue

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